Episode XIX: An Open Letter to the World

Dear World, I come to you with some weight.  Not weight on my body, which is superficial and comes and goes like the North East Corridor, but weight on my psyche.  There is so much going on that my mind can’t even keep up, and my feelings are so deep in this shit that I […]


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Episode XVIII: Issa Switch-Up

Hey everyone! I’m back from spreading myself thin just like your everyday friendly neighborhood collegiate.  As you all know I am still working full time (and this is about to change because my substitute teaching certificate is pending), and I am also currently back at school rocking out and doing very well.  I have a […]

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Repost Alert: I’m Not a Strong, Educated Black Woman

These are my sentiments on a silver platter



“Hi, I’m a strong, educated Black woman,” says no one. Can I be strong and intelligent? And, can I just be Black? Separately? Excuse me for acquiring all three, but I like my “compliments” to stand apart from my blackness.

I am a woman. Yes, I earned a degree that’s likely resting in a box in a corner collecting dust. Yes, I use my knowledge, skills and my God-given talents daily. But, I am still a woman. Yes, I am Black. But, I am simply…woman.

I don’t twist my neck and snap my fingers. I am a woman. I don’t need fancy titles or adjectives to distinguish my intelligence. I am  a woman.  I don’t use my physical prowess to beat and cause injury. I am a woman. I’m not angry at the world. I’m a woman. My blackness is strength, not insulting. I am a woman.

I am outspoken…

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Episode XVIII: Yasss ASOS, Come Thru!- Inclusion for Plus Size and Tall Men

Hello and good evening, everyone!  I hope your all having a peaceful and productive work week/ start to the semester.  I am practically bubbling with excitement because one of my all time favourite stores, ASOS, has become more inclusive by adding plus size and tall sizes for men.  I’m completely in love with their Curve […]

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The Imortance of MLK Day

Good Morning Everyone! Happy MLK Day!  Being that today is the day to commemorate the efforts and strides of the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I decided to write a post about what this day means to me and how important it is that we have this day. Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

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