Episode I: They Don’t Want You to Wear a Crop Top

Hello Peeps!

Welcome to the pilot “episode” of the Cheyenne Hour! I’m so excited to start this journey with you.  For this first episode, I would like to address something that is a very trending and prevalent topic in the plus size community: crop tops.

Ah yes, the crop top, that article of clothing that is so versatile and fashionable yet can’t seem to rest in one spot and just shifts in random places between your boobs and your gut.  This is the same article of clothing that everyone from Kylie Jenner to the queen, Essie Golden, are wearing, and I swear to you that every time I see other Plus Size Queens (we’ll call them PSQs for short from here on out) wearing crop tops I get my LIFE.  Despite that I feel strongly that everyone deserves to wear whatever they choose, I would still like to address that there are some hating-ass people that feel that PSQs shouldn’t wear crop tops.

A lot of people that are opposed to plus size women wearing crop tops say that no one with a stomach that isn’t flat should wear them.  You even have big house magazines such as O Magazine saying that you shouldn’t try it unless your stomach is flat and that you should put the crop top over another shirt for extra coverage.  There are two problems within this:

  1. There is still this underlying expectation that women should have no visible stomach fat.  We live in a world where more and more people are not considered to be “skinny” or small, and we still have outlets that try to perpetuate the “Skinny Gold Standard”.
  2. There’s still the implication that a woman’s body should be covered.  I don’t get why the hell we still treat women like caged animals that shouldn’t be seen in 2016, but whatever.

I am writing this post to announce to you all that in the year of our lord DJ Khaled 2016 and in fashion of said individual that they don’t want you to wear crop tops.  So what do we do? Wear them and wear them proudly.  Here are a few of my personal tips to wearing crop tops:

  1. Find the one that is best for you and what you’re trying to accomplish with your wardrobe.  I consider myself to be a Crop Top Connoisseuse, and I will say that I own many of these tops.  However, each top varies in what I use it for and wear it with.  Some are more dressier than others so I reserve those for when I go out, and my casual ones I wear wherever.  Just keep in mind that there are different prints, fabrics, etc in crop tops just like anything else, so go with the style that you think is best for you.
  2. Use sock glue to keep the bottom from rolling up.  Like I mentioned before, crop tops have a tendency to roll up.  To remedy this, put some sock glue ,or body adhesive, onto the top and press it to your skin.  Don’t be alarmed, sock glue comes off easily and painlessly with water.
  3. Try on the crop top in store before purchasing it.  I understand that we live in a world wear the plus size life is a bitch and most of our stuff is online.  However, if you can go into a plus size store and try crop tops on then do so.  No two crop tops are alike, and there is no guarantee that every store will have similar stretch, shape and fit.
  4. If you consider your tummy to be a “problem area” you can wear a shaper panty underneath a high waisted bottom to smoothen the area out.  This also might help the crop top stay more stationary.
  5. Put the crop top on and wear the hell out of it!

Please don’t allow anyone or any standard to dissuade you from wearing what you want to wear- at any size.  Your style and your image are contingent upon how you feel about yourself, nothing more, nothing less.  Get out there and WERK!

I’d like to finish this post with a few pictures of me being phatte and phabulous in a crop top.  Please feel free to comment, share this post and ask questions! Thanks for reading, and until next time!



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