Episode V: Face Beat, Bish! A Personal Review of Makeup Products

Happy Thursday Phatties!

I feel so bad for leaving y’all hanging, but fret not!  Cheyenne has returned better, badder and of course with a freshly beat face.


I’m going to switch up gears back to the fashion/beauty aspect of my blog by discussing a few products that I have used.  Some of these products are the reason why I’m married to the makeup game while others make me question if I submitted my resumé to Cirque du Soleil.  Without another minute wasted, here are said products.

Uno. HauteCore- MAC (Lipstick)

First and foremost I just have to say that this shit is thebomb.co.uk .  I’ve owned this beauty for the past two years, and it has never failed me nor has it lost its relevance in my makeup kit.  It is a beautiful black matte (although it does have a tinge of gloss to it) lipstick that was released in MAC’s Punk Couture collection.  To make it even more matte I sometimes add a little Wet n’ Wild Mattefying Powder (I will discuss this product a little later on) onto my lips to give it a glossless finish.  I wear this lipstick for both daytime and nighttime looks, so please know that it is quite the versatile lippie despite “popular” *cough* basic *cough* opinion.

Here’s me looking like a fly-ass Hot Topic District Manager with my HauteCore on!


Dos: Blacktrack- MAC (Gel Eyeliner)

I honestly will admit that I am a tried and true MAC makeup fan, and although I am more than willing to explore different brands due to curiosity and/or my pockets being low, my opinion on this particular product remains the same.  I have tried several different eyeliners from different brands and ranging from different types.  However, I have ALWAYS returned to MAC’s gel eyeliner in Blacktrack.  This eyeliner is in a nice, true black colour and applies extremely well.  All you need is a small, angled brush and off you go into the world with wings on fleek!  This gel liner last very long and is durable during work, a turn up and everything in between.  For extra coverage, spray some of MAC’s fixer to make it last even longer.

Trés: Mattefying Powder- Wet n’ Wild 

This is a product that I am currently perched on the fence about.  A part of me wants to love it, while the other part slowly contemplates tossing it.  I use this mattefying powder to give my glossy or satin lipsticks that sheenless look that every girl and her mama is searching for.  However, the application is annoying and can sometimes have a chalky look even after spreading the hell out of it.  I’m not going to give up on this powder, tho.  Maybe if I continue to play with how and when I apply it that it will yield different and hopefully better results.

Cuatro: E.L.F. Matte Lipstick in Ruby Red

I’m just going to be honest with this one, y’all.  I’m really not a fan.  I decided to choose it being that the price was right (it was only 3 bucks so why tf not).  However, this one not only applies in more of a glossy finish, it also isn’t a true red.  The real name of this lipstick should be Betty Berry because this one is every bit of raspberry that I ever did see.  To get the true red colour I want I apply a layer of this first and then top it off with Cherry Bomb by Wet n’ Wild to give it the nice, dark n’ lovely red look I want.

Also, I just want to point out that this lipstick came out of its holder and created a mess all over my makeup bag, so I’m lowkey pissed at that.  Oh well.  At least I only paid three bucks for it.

Cinco: NYX Soft Matte Lipcream (Cannes)

I was previously on the fence with this product until I recently did something that completely changed the makeup game for me.  When I first applied this lipstick, it was quite apparent that the hue by itself wasn’t the one for me.  However, I decided to first put a layer of Film Noir, a satin lipstick by MAC, and then put this lipcream over it.  I just want to tell y’all that I have never been more enamored with a homemade lipstick mix than this one.  It gives the right amount of instagram makeup model teas, hunnies!  12729014_1008398585916757_3907155835030002889_n (1)

Thanks everyone for reading my posts! I will be coming back soon with my tips and tricks on contouring, dating and more!  Until the next episode!


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