It’s Time to Address It

Hello my lovely people! I’m back again to spill the tea and not spare the world of the insight that it really needs.  Today I want to talk about a more serious topic: the duality of social standards.  Usually I post my feelings on social media, but now I think it’s time I turn towards a larger audience.

Social standards are an integral part of the status quo and how we live our lives.  They set in place how we’re “supposed” to live, think, operate, et cetera.  However, these standards are quite problematic and need to be addressed.  Objectification and oppression are alive and real, and we, as people living on this Earth, have every right to speak out, question and discuss these issues.

Let me try to simplify the main point of this post.  I view objectification and oppression as groups of individuals and the subjects that bare the brunt of their wrath as a cornucopia upon a table.  People that are quick to judge and make brash comments are always the first to try to reap the benefits of these marginalized subjects.  Let’s walk through some examples and dialogue.

Example 1:

A white man may never say that a woman of colour is attractive but will be the first to say “Oh I’ve never been with a *insert POC background here*, but I’ve always wanted to”.

Example 2:

“Trans people should never be in our bathrooms” said by an individual who will actively go and seek out services from a trans sex worker.

Example 3:

“Women shouldn’t breastfeed in public,” said by the same individual who would also say,

“Let’s have sex in the park after dark.”

Example 4:

“I think plus size women are a disgrace,” a comment made by an individual who would say,

“I like my girls BBW.”

Example 5:

“I would never live in the hood,” said by the same individual that just signed a lease in Brooklyn.

I know that this post may alarm people, and it might also ruffle some feathers, but I honestly feel that the people with ruffled feathers need to check their nests first to see if what I’m saying is hitting home and then reflect on it.  This is all food for thought, and we need to address these issues rather than sweeping them under a fancy rug. Until next time.

~Cheyenne Out.



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