#StopCallingMeBeautiful: A Campaign

Hello Everyone! I’m back again with another post.  I now want to talk about another topic that really grinds my gears.  As a woman, I understand what it feels like to live in a world created to perpetuate beauty standards in which women are forced to take on the responsibility of upholding.  This being said, we also run into other situations that add fuel to the fire.  An example of this would be when men constantly call us beautiful.  Now, you may ask, “Cheyenne, what’s wrong with being called beautiful?” And I would simply reply, “Not a damn thing… well, in small doses.”  Being called beautiful isn’t really a problem every once in a while, but when men make this a constant and only comment, we’re left to wonder if it is really  a compliment.

From online dating to the club to everywhere in between I’ve have been complimented on my aesthetics, so much so that I’ve been called beautiful more than my own damn name.  We as women have been called beautiful since birth, and it’s unfortunate that we have to keep dealing with this time and time again.  It’s as if men don’t want to put the effort into getting to know us, and it also puts the impression that the only thing we can be or aspire to is beautiful.

To combat this, I think we should start a campaign called #StopCallingMeBeautiful.  We have so many redeeming qualities about us that are so much more important than our looks.  We are creative, humorous, talented, intelligent, powerful and altruistic beings that are worth so much more than just beautiful.


I think that if we utilize this campaign to educate people on this subject that we can create a conversation that will possibly even start a movement.  We need to open our mouths and speak about how we want to be treated.

If you could, please share the #StopCallingMeBeautiful and if you’d like you could also share an anecdote about your experiences with this.  Until next time.

~Cheyenne Out.


6 thoughts on “#StopCallingMeBeautiful: A Campaign

  1. Love this. I’ve said this to the guy that I’m dating. I asked him earlier on “Do you know how many good morning, beautiful texts that I get a day?” Too many. But, I’m much more than the outside. I’m the entire package and I would rather you get to know me and say that my mind or my spirit is beautiful. That matters more.

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    1. You don’t understand how much I identify with this comment. All the good morning/hello/hey beautiful/pretty/sexy messages I get are too much and it really takes away from who I am as a person!

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      1. Yes and the men don’t get it. It’s like unless we’re in a relationship and you are my man I’m assuming that you do it to everyone and that you truly don’t see the sum of who I am. I’m more than a pretty face. I’ve reblogged this. Great post!

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  2. Reblogged this on A Thomas Point of View and commented:
    Had to reblog this post from The Cheyenne Hour”. I say this all the time and told Mr. C early on that I would rather he say that my mind is beautiful or my spirit. My looks are only a small piece that make up the entire T. I’m a handful and if you only focus on the outside you won’t know how wonderfully made that I am.

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