Commercial Break: We NEED a POC Online Writing Portal

Hello Beautiful People!

I apologize for not keeping up with y’all.  I’ve been rocking out with my fro out trying to get my paper up and mentally prepare myself for my fourth year in college.  I’ve recently gotten back into creative pursuits (i.e. my writing and now painting), and now I want to also try my hand at using my works to influence others at larger scale.  However, being that I am a WOC (woman of colour), and my current works feature cultures and characters of colour, it’s very hard to get the recognition, support and feedback it needs because I feel that the people that have read it don’t understand where I am coming from with my character, the language, etc.

To combat this, I want to get together a group of people from a myriad of different POC backgrounds, who enjoy writing and discussing their works so that we can form our own group that is both inclusive and instrumental for POC writers.  If you are a writer of colour and would love to create this, please email me at with your questions, concerns, thoughts, interests and ideas so that we can get the ball rolling.  I’d love to see where this goes!

Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


One thought on “Commercial Break: We NEED a POC Online Writing Portal

  1. Idea: set up a free website for your forum! You could even use your blog to promote discussion as well.
    I think a lot of poc would be interested in this. I can help spread the word if you want.


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