Episode IX: Swim Good: My Top Four Swimsuit Picks

Ello Everyone! I am somewhat back on my blogging grind.  My last few posts where geared to some side projects and conversations.  However, I am back with a post a topic on fashion.  To all my PSQs out there (just a reminder that means Plus Size Queens), I know it’s beginning to look a lot like summer, which also means it’s time to zoom over to the nearest beach.  This being said, I’m going to make this post ALL about my top swimsuit looks for this season.

Now, will this be a post about “How To Be Plus Sized in a Swimsuit”? No. Absolutely not.  Being plus sized in a swimsuit is just like being anyone else in a swimsuit and should not be treated like a DIY Pinterest board.  This post is simply going to highlight the styles that I love.  Please note that none are these are in any particular order and that I was just posting a few of these as I saw them.

1. Gabifresh for Swim Sexy- The Sovereign 

First and foremost is that I would like to say that Gabifresh gives me SO. MUCH. LIFE.  I LOVE and admire her sense of style and how she uses her swimline to give PSQs so much sass, sexiness, and confidence.  I am particularly drawn to this piece because it’s black, which means it could pretty much go with any type of sarong or coverup, you can also wear it to a posh ass pool party or beach because of the colour, and also the slits are good for people who don’t want the full exposure of a fatkini but also still want some skin to be shown.  I also like it because it has like a Fifty Shades of Marine Life feel to it due to it looking somewhat bondagey (don’t mind me, that was just the only thing I could think of at the time).



Option 1 (D/DD Cup Size)   Option 2 (E/F Cup Size)

2. Rebdolls- “Printed on Me” Bikini

Rebdolls happens to be one of my favourite plus size stores.  Their clothing is always made with good quality fabric, and their prints and designs are quite fantastic.  I chose this particular swimsuit because not only am I a HUGE fan of fatkinis, I also enjoy tribal print.  This swimsuit is both fun and flirty, yet it still has some level of coverage due to the high waisted bottom.  Pair this with a solid-coloured kimono coverup and a cute sandal and you’ll be all set!


Top          Bottom

3. Forever 21+- Twisted Bikini Top and Wrap Bottom

I will admit, my shopping at Forever had been put to a stop because I felt that the quality and selection in non-swim articles of clothing were lacking.  However, I find their swimline to be their saving grace.  This being said, I present to you this swimsuit filled with fun, freedom and pineapple goodness.  As you can see, I am a lover of wild prints, and ananas is one of those things I love.  What I really enjoy about this swim suit is that it’s not only a two piece, but it also has a skort like bottom.  It is as if a fatkini and a swimdress decided to have a child.  The good thing about this swimsuit is that it doesn’t require a coverup being that there is a bottom to the bottom.


Top                    Bottom

4. Torrid- Lattice One Piece Swimsuit

To be completely honest, I think that everyone needs a regular schmegular (thanks Cardi B) swimsuit in their wardrobe.  Black is always a go to colour when it comes to anything, and I also like that this suit has the grommet and mesh siding to give it a nice flare of edginess.

10448203_hi (2)


The most important thing I say for everyone is to feel good in ANYTHING that you put on! You wear the clothing, and keep in mind that it is never the other way around.  Always dress the way you want to dress, and don’t let anyone or any entity tell you otherwise.  Turn up and look fab this summer!

As always, don’t hesitate to comment, discuss things or message me.  I am always looking for your feedback.  Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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