Episode X: Bish Don’t Kill My Vibe: Supporting Artists 101

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m back with a somewhat pissed rant that I had to get off of my chest.  This is something that is VERY important to me, and I just wanted everyone to see and hopefully understand where I am coming from.

People work so damn hard on their work.  I have friends and know people that paint and draw their hearts onto canvas; people who do needlework from the depths of their souls, and then there are those, like your’s truly, who write their asses off.  We work so hard on our creative pursuits, and we sometimes share them with the world not because of recognition but because we want people to enjoy our work as much as we do.  We do indeed welcome constructive criticism and support.  However, that doesn’t give people the right to just shit on our work and bash it.  That’s not support, that’s just being downright rude and condescending.

There are so many better ways to express to someone your opinions on their work without being cruel about it.  If you don’t like their work, you’re entitled to that.  However, you’ve got some damn nerve to just bash someone for everything that they’ve worked on.  We’ve all created something that needs work.  Nothing is perfect.  There is always room for improvement, but there are also positives to their work too.  There is so much lack in support when it comes to artwork because people are always looking for a come up and forget that even in competition there is sportsmanship.  If I think your work is lit, then I will very well tell you so even if it may seem that we are in competition with one another.

This leads me to my next thought: there isn’t enough community building in the POC community for ANYTHING.  It’s really disheartening to think you’ve finally found a POC writers’ board to only realize that a large percentage of that group isn’t even POC. It’s also equally disheartening to see that you’ve created a POC writers’ board, only to have no one sign up, regardless of Facebook likes and regardless of how many times you advertise it on social media.  We, as POC, need to stop feeling fatalistic about our spaces and fight for our own spaces to be creative and communal, and free.

At the end of the day, support is so crucial to the growth of artists and their skill set.  I can’t stress enough how good it feels to know that someone respects your craft enough to lend a helping hand or even a pom-pom of appreciation.  We need more of this.  As always, feel free to comment, message me, or even sign up for my POC writers’ board ( I will post my the link again).  Thanks, and I will talk to you soon.


~Cheyenne Out.


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