Episode XI: Slay Me, Bih: Fall Fatshion

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack Everyone.  I’m happy to be back and ready to tackle some new topics.  Being that autumn is upon us, the next few weeks will be about beauty, fashion and food (I’ll be going “Down South” for Thanksgiving so please stayed tuned for all of the good ass food and desserts that I will be sharing with you guys).  Today will be a post on fashion.  Not to blow my own Recorder, but I will have to say that I have this fall I have reached a new record of slayage that I don’t think I’ve reached before; a new pinnacle of slay that I was proud enough of to share with y’all.

First and foremost, I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the whole baseball cap look.  Yes, I know it’s a lil unrelated to what I’m discussing, but I will say that I haven’t worn one in like almost 16 years (since I was six for those of y’all that don’t speak Mathematics or are just too lazy to calculate that).  This being said, I’ve subscribed to the trend, and I think it’s a pretty lit fit.  Secondly, my poor Tims have been worn quite a bit this fall already, and I know I need to give my bad boys a break, but I’m just too lazy to fish out other boots at the moment.  Now that we’ve gotten those two sidenotes out of the way, let’s hop into my Autumnal Aesthetic.


La Première <<Slay>>(Halloween Edition): “‘Get Out of My Caucasian Home’ Realness”

I know this particular one that I’ve chosen isn’t an everyday look.  However, being that I looked bomb af, and this is one of my fave outfits of all time, I’m here to let you know that it’s gone be shared, and trust and believe that it will be revisited.  My inspiration for my Halloween costume was that I wanted something that was Joanne the Scammer-esque, hence the title of this outfit, the wig and fur coat.  However, I wanted to take it to the next level and add a Cheyenne edge to it by pairing my outfit with a bralette, cat ears and a beat face.

My faux fur jacket is from Rainbow Plus.  I paid $10 for ha, so that’s one reason why I’m particularly proud and obsessed with the damn thing.  The bralette I’m sporting is old as hell and is actually a Bridal bralette from Lane Bryant.  My skirt and shoes are from Foreman Mills, and yes I WILL be doing a clothing haul from cheap ass clothing stores. The cat ears, tattoo choker and the wig, which used to be much longer but I cut it, are both from beauty supply stores.  I will post a separate picture just for the cat ears and wig close up.  Also HUGE shoutout and thank you to my friend Lexi for doing my eyebrows.  I usually do them myself, but she stepped in to help ya girl out!



La Deuxième <<Slay>>: “Cheetah Cheetah Pumkin Eatah”

I don’t know If I’ve expressed this to y’all, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE me some cheetah print.  TBQH I think a great majority of my clothing is cheetah print. I pretty much have everything from a choker to shoes to pants to underwear that are all cheetah print, and the list, as to be expected, goes on and on.  This outfit is also old AF.  My cheetah shift dress is from ASOS, my fave store of ALL time, but I’m just broke so I can’t indulge at the moment.  My choker is actually the velvet tassel choker from Forever 21, but I tied it in a way that it would look like a traditional choker.  My black tights are from Avenue. To all my plus size/thicc peeps out there, PLEASE make sure that you cop you a pair of these tights from Avenue.  They last a very long time (I’ve had these tights for 2-3 years now, they are great quality, they stretch very well, AND usually they always have a sale on them like buy two get one three or some shit.  My shoes have been passed onto me by my sister, and they, too have cheetah detailing.  Btw that beauty is unfortunately not my cat, however I just had to hold her because she’s cute (Thanks Lexi for letting me hold your child!)


  La Troisième <<Slay>>: “A Blockwork Orange”

This outfit I have to show you has one of my fave sweaters of all time in it.  This is an old BCBG oversided sweater that my sister gave to my mom, whom I stole it from because it was more of my steez than it was her’s.  This sweater features a lot of orange in it, which is perfect for the fall. I paired it with a sleeveless crop top from Half-Tee, an old skirt and that same tassel choker from Forever 21,  and the shoes from my first picture from Foreman Mills.


La Dernière <<Slay>>: “I Solemnly Pinky Swear That I am Up to No Good”

Don’t ask me about this title but it was the first thing to come to my mind.  Anywho, the sweater I’m wearing has a messy backstory to it.  My ex actually picked it out for me at Pac Sun, and no y’all, me wearing it isn’t inspired by that. However, I will say that this is one of my absolute fave sweaters.  Like my love for cheetah print, I also love furry things.  The skirt is also old and is from when Forever 21+ first came out with their resort line two years ago (the skirt is actually a part of a two peice set that I wear from time to time.  I’m also wearing a pair of Avenue tights, and yet again I have on the Foreman Mills booties.


Thank you everyone for reading my posts.  Feel free to share, comment, etc!  Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.



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