Episode XII: Bawlin’ and Haulin’ on A Budget: My Makeup Picks that Won’t Break the Bank

Hello Again, Everyone!

I hope all is well and that you are in good spirits.  Today I am relaxing to give myself and my body a break from all that work and school.  Before I jump into my topic for this post, I just wanted to make you all aware of my social media so that you can follow me on here and elsewhere. Below is a brief list of my other social media accounts:

Facebook: The Cheyenne Hour 

Instagram: @_Mochahontas14

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Snapchat: Alpacasrus69 (don’t ask me why I made that my snapchat handle but I’ve had this account since high school).

That’s pretty much it for now.  Please be sure to follow me so that you can keep yourselves updated and entertained.  Now, let’s jump back into the topic.

Ya girl is a full time employee and stuff. This being said, makeup is not only a virtue but it’s also very expensive, and this doesn’t always agree with my wallet.  However, I have found some products where you can get ya coins and ya life, hunny!  Never settle for being broke and/or basic. #KnowThat

Aaaaand on that note, let’s get wid it!

I. Mixed Chicks: In the Mix Bronzer + Foundation Duo (Sultry Sand)

First of all, I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to my friend Nick.  He got these from his company, and then gave them to me for $Free.99. I have three or four of these, two of which I’ve used.  I’m honestly in love with this product and use it quite often.  It’s in the colour Sultry Sand, which is a little too light for me when it comes to the foundation part of the duo stick (sidenote: I sometimes mix the foundation with my concealer to lighten my highlight).  However, I mostly use the bronzer end as a highlighter, and tbqh this shit makes me look radiant as hell because it is so shimmery and highly pigmented.  This does go for a retail price of $22.50, and yes that does defeat the whole purpose of this post, but I needed ya’ll to learn about this gem.  One can splurge sometimes *insert smiling devil emoji here*  Check it out!

Below is a picture of how the bronzer highlights my face.


II. Nicka K Cosmetics: Pretty Much the Whole Damn True Matte Liquid Lipstick Line

Y’all, y’all… Y’ALL! Y’all don’t know how excited I am to talk about these lippies.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Everything from the price to the product itself is good.  I found these lipsticks at my friendly, neighborhood beauty supply store for $1.99, and I currently own four shades: Aubergine, Millbrook, Clairvoyant and Thunder.  Aubergine and Millbrook, sometimes both mixed, are my go-to lip shades for everyday looks, while the other two are both very dark, so i usually wear them when I’m out and about tryna be a walking Tumblr post.  To be a very cheap lipstick, the formula of these bad boys is pretty solid.  It’s fast drying and it stays on for most of the day.  Some of the colours require multiple layers for its true colour potential to manifest.  However, these lippies are pretty pigmented and pose as great dupes for more expensive lipsticks.  Get yours here!




Me where I mixed both:


III. Femme Couture: Gel Eyeliner in Black

This product, my friends, is also a hidden gem.  It is so smooth and richly pigmented.  The downside is that it isn’t waterproof.  However, for $5.99, you REALLY can’t go wrong.  You can find it at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply or here.

As always, please feel free to like, comment, share, follow, etc, AND don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts!  Until next time!


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