Epsiode XIV: Playing Around with Polyvore

Hey Everyone! Are you tired of me yet? LOL.  I told you all that once I was back I’d be BACK and on my grind.  Now that I’m back I’ve been planning some styles out for the fall/winter, and in the process of doing so I rediscovered Polyvore.  Now circa 2007 I apparently used it to make outfits as well (I’m not going to show you those hidden files because I’m not particularly proud of them LOL).  After I refined my profile and created some new looks, I decided to share with you some of my ideas for the fall.  Disclaimer: I am http://www.broke.co.uk/someonesponsorme, so I will just put out there that I don’t own any of these pieces, nor am I saying that these are pieces that people should buy in general.  I just saw some cute items and styled them in hopes of owning some of these someday.

*I have put the link to the sets under each photo.  On the actual Polyvore pages of these sets you can click the pictures of each item, and it will bring you to the direct link of that particular piece.

Outfit One: Not Yo Mama’s Casual Ootd



I don’t know if y’all knew this, but as you can see I’m a huge fan of black.  Now I know as a community we’ve push for more and more colour in our clothing.  However, I’m here to tell you that I don’t wear black because of the “it makes you look slimmer” bullshit.  I like black because it goes with everything, it’s versatile by being able to be dressed up or down, and I just like it.  Does this mean I don’t wear colour? Absolutely not. Anyways, I like the contrast of denim and black.  The denim jacket in this set being the stand out piece amidst the black of everything else. Let’s all give two claps and a hair flip to this Wayne’s World hat because it’s uber lit.  The nudeish lip would be the pop of colour in this case. Also, the tims give it an urban edge (I had to put these in there because it wouldn’t be me if this sort of outfit didn’t have a pair of double soles in it).

Outfit Two: Mauve Muva




Despite me saying how much I love black, I do enjoy wearing lighter colours from time to time.  Now, normally I despise anything pink.  The only way I will wear it, however, is in this capacity: dusty rose and mauve.  Now, I’ve been eyeing this dress from Fashion Nova for a minute now (btw shoutout to Fashion Nova for having a kickass plus size line and shoutout to my bank account for not allowing me to purchase any of their items 😊), and I must say that this dress just speaks to me on a spiritual level.  I decided to pair it with a shoe with fur detail because I like textures.  FYI: I was looking for a shoe like that in a nude, so just pretend that it’s nude instead of black.  The nude choker is there to be paired with the shoes, and the mauve lip was put in to tie the whole outfit together.  Now, be mindful that if it’s cold, please wear tights/pantyhose.  I know that it’s a rule with wearing hosiery with open-toed shoes, but it’s better to be doing that than being cold as hell. Please don’t play yourself.  Please.

Outfit Three: An Autumnal Affair




Can we PLEASE obsess over this sweater?! Damn, I must admit that I’m particularly drawn to this sweater.  I haven’t purchased it yet, but my friend has the same sweater (shoutout to Janisha for putting ya gurl on), and I had the privilege of trying this on.  This sweater comes from one of the many China-based sites that we all have love-hate relationships with (this sweater is from Rosewholesale, methinks), and it fit on me more like a crop top than an oversized sweater.  I don’t really know what type of look y’all are going for, but we ALL know that these sites don’t have the most accurate sizing, and the second coming of the Lord would happen WAAAAAY before anything shipped out of Hong Kong would get to your house.  However, I will say that I kinda like that the sweater fit like a crop top.  It’s cute either way, so I suggest y’all get one.  Anyteaways, pairing this sweater with a high waisted pant, whether it be like the one in the photo or denim, would be super cute, and then to top it all off with a riding boot and a brown lip, whoo you’d look ready to jump into some leaves, boo.

I hope you all enjoyed my picks! If any of you would like to be so kind and get me any of these items I  will provide a link to my Polyvore, and I can even provide you my Paypal, mailing address, etc (LOL I’m just kidding…kinda 😈😈😈). On a more serious note, please feel free to share, comment and/or like.  It’s always a pleasure to have you on The Cheyenne Hour.  ‘Til next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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