Commercial Break: New Look and Review Alert!- Blossom PPG Vibes

Good Mornting, y’all!  I hope everyone’s finals and year are coming to a close in a good way.  Today I am writing to you from the comfort of my wonderfully warm bed to detail a new look that I tried out yesterday.  Now, remember that choker sweater I posted on the previous post about Polyvore? Well, I finally decided to purchase it, and boy am I happy I did so.  I purchased the sweater from  Like I said before, I was a little skeptical at first being that it’s a China-based website, and I’ve heard a few horror stories about it.  However, being that the sweater was pretty damn cheap, my wallet and I took a leap of faith.  As a reminder: I already tried this sweater on before in a different colour (my friend owns the exact same sweater in beige), and it does fit like more of a longline crop top.  Personally, I think that makes it even cuter, but most importantly the sweater has a good amount of stretch to it, and the zipper detailing on the elbows is a nice touch (yes, the zippers do open up, so you can wear your elbows exposed or not exposed).

In addition to the sweater, I bought a synthetic wig which was also around the same price as my sweater.  Now, I am in LOVEEEEE with this wig because I do enjoy wearing long hair from time to time just to add versatility to my style, and I also love the colour being that it’s a nice, rich red/burgundy.  The only downsides to this is that it will tangle being that it’s a synthetic wig, and it does not come with combs.  These are easy to combat; just bring a wig brush with you and secure the wig down by tightening it at the nape and using bobby pins to pin it down to your scalp.  For the price, it’s totally worth it.

Here is a picture collage of me wearing the wig and the sweater. FYI: I’ve been told I look like Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls, and I’m gonna go with it LOL.  It’s time to get ya life with these Blossom PPG Vibes, hunny!


Sweater: Ici (Here)   Wig: Ici

Here is a gif of me in real time, slaying errbody from sea to shining sea, bih!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please check out all of my social media, and as always! It’s a pleasure having you all on “The Cheyenne Hour”.  ‘Til next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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