Commercial Break!:  Bad + Boujee feat. New Year, Same Me, New Lipstick

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful followers! We made it y’all, whether we sprung forward into 2017 or we crawled in. I hope this year brings much growth and happiness to all! Now, I don’t have any new resolutions, but I do have a new attitude and a new lipstick! I’m here, I’m bad and boujee (thank you, Migos) and I’m feeling more and more confident by the day.

Last week I won the Ginger + Liz/ Black Radiance instagram giveaway where I won three of Black Radiance’s  new matte liquid lipsticks and a lip gloss and three nail polishes from Ginger + Liz. I haven’t worn any of the polishes yet, but I have been wearing the lipsticks and I will tell y’all that these are so damn bomb. I received a rouge red (and the actual colour name is Rouge Red) one in bubblegum pink and one in a raspberry/red-violetish colour. I’m not a fan of bubblegum pink or pink in general, so I haven’t tried it on my lips, but I have worn the other two colors and I must say that I am in LOVE! Usually I don’t like how true red lipsticks look on me, but this is the very first red lipstick outside of oxblood and brick that I live for. Hunny this lipstick has restored my mana and brought the new year in RIGHT!

For my New Years Eve look I wore my faux fur jacket from Rainbow and paired it with my velvet tassel choker from Forever 21 (yes I tied it so that it looked like a band choker). I’m also wearing a Wet Seal top, and my skirt and booties are both from Foreman Mills. In terms of my makeup, I tried baking for the first time, and truth be told my makeup came out so so so much better. My skin looked porcelain af (not in colour but in smoothness), and my makeup just seemed to be more seamless after blending out the loose powder. Anteaways, here are the pictures of me being cute and shit on NYE.

I hope everyone had a lovely start to the new year. Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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