Episode XVII: 20-Slayteen: My Looks For the New Year

Good Morning, peeps! I hope y’all are enjoying your Sunday morning.  Let’s just cut straight to the chase: I’m here to give you my spotlight trends that I am excited to try for this year.  As I always say, no trend is exclusive to one person, so of course us plus size people can MOST DEFINITELY wear these.  I present to you the 20-Slayteen Collection styled by moi.

*I have put the link to the sets under each photo.  On the actual Polyvore pages of these sets you can click the pictures of each item, and it will bring you to the direct link of that particular piece.

Sailor Slay- Spotlight Style: Thigh High Boots

I know this style made a re-appearance in the previous year.  However, I know that I will be trying to personally incorporate this into my wardrobe for 2017.  I find anything thigh high, especially shoes to be so damn poppin.  It’s just something about a nice thigh boot and a shorter bottom that looks so sexy and fly to me.  In this outfit I decided to pair the thigh high boot with a pair of high waisted denim shorts.  I was inspired by a girl I saw at a club in Georgia who was wearing denim shorts with thigh high boots, and I wanted to utilize that combo for my own style as well.  This outfit also features a custom Sailor Moon cropped tee and a beautiful blue lipstick that I just threw in there because who can EVER say no to a crazy lip colour?! Not I, bish! For an accessory I put a double-string crescent moon choker just to go along with the Sailor Moon shirt.  screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-9-19-45-am


Honestly, Truly- Spotlight Style: Clear Booties and Faux Fur

Y’all pretty much should guess why I gave this set its moniker.  If not, I will just let you know that it’s a Joanne the Scammer reference, but that’s besides the point.  This outfit has two spotlight styles: clear booties and faux fur.  Ya gurl has been wearing faux fur for a minute, so that is something that will remain in this year.  However, these clear booties tho… BITCHam LIVING.com! Everyone and their mama is starting to come out with these, and I can’t wait to buy me a pair so I can serve Metlife Stadium Security checkpoint realness with these see-through jawns.  The ones I picked for this set are also peep toe (PSA: peep toe shoes have a pedicure requirement, so please don’t go out with these and play yourself with some barking-ass toes, thank you!).  I picked a black faux fur jacket and off-shoulder crop top so that you can commit all sorts of embezzlement and fraud as you slay  these dry-scalp ass heaux in an oxblood lippie and jegging combo.  Don’t forget to seal the deal with circle shades and a simple yet classy choker!



Voodoo Velveteen Rabbit- Spotlight Style: Velvet

This style is pretty much self explanatory.  Now, please keep in mind that velvet is seasonal, and I recommend that it should be worn in the autumnal and winter months.  Huge Shoutout to Ashley Stewart for making this super cute velvet off-shoulder crop top with bell sleeves. FYI, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve sorta developed a ting for bell sleeves.  It’s just so retro and cute to me that I just can’t resist.  I paired it with a bodycon pencil skirt that is also velvet (another PSA: please, please, please make sure that your velvet matches if you’re going to wear a two piece set, and both pieces aren’t from the same company). To tie it all together I added a lace-up choker, with lace-up boots and a mystical, purple lipstick to add a witch-like style to this set.  Abracadabra! You now have the perfect brew for a potion of slayage to enchant the masses as you strut down the street.



Distressed Kween- Spotlight Style: Fishnets

I want to give a golf clap for Tumblr because it’s teeming with outfits that feature this look.  I was tumbling one night, and I came across a few models that wore fishnets with distressed/ripped up jeans, where the top of the fishnets were exposed above the top of the pants.  Now, church mamas hold on to ya Sunday hats because I know this may sound like an oldhead fashion faux pas.  However, it’s 2017 and things that were once unacceptable are now moving into the acceptable category.  For my part, I think that whole grunge look is great.  I decided to pair the bottom combo with a distressed camo cropped tee (honestly you could make this type of shirt at home and pretty much any Yeezy Season 3-inspired piece with some scissors and basic pieces from Foreman Mills). The outfit is completed with a platform bootie and a ravenous true red lipstick just to add a pop of colour into the mix.



And there you have it, y’all! Here are my four looks for the new year.  What are some of your picks for this new year of slay?  Be sure to like, comment and subscribe.  Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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