The Imortance of MLK Day

Good Morning Everyone! Happy MLK Day!  Being that today is the day to commemorate the efforts and strides of the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I decided to write a post about what this day means to me and how important it is that we have this day.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most influential people not only for the Black community but also for the world.  He, along with MANY other people, was a crucial player in the Civil Rights Movement and in the creation and building of Black communities.  He was a masterful orator and writer, from scribing documents such as the Letter from Birmingham (1963) to the eternally famous “I Have a Dream” (1963) speech.  He talked about and emulated what it meant to fight for what you want while still remaining peaceful, respectful and loving.  For him, it was important for us to combat racism and hatred as a united front and to go forward together as one nation.  After his assassination, the world lost a great hero.  However, his legacy lives on through his words, impact on the Civil Rights Movement and the monument erected in his name to forever rejoice and honor his work and the person that he was.

As a woman of colour, I honestly cannot tell you what my life would have been like without the work of MLK and many other Civil Rights Activists.  Yes, there are still issues that have been occurring in our country and in our communities.  However, I feel that having MLK has granted me several opportunities that my ancestors before me didn’t really have access to (i.e. an education, non-segregated bathrooms, Affirmative Action, etc.)  and being that he did such great work, it has taught me to appreciate and be mindful of all the work that those before me had to do and overcome for me to be who I am today.  MLK’s image has helped to give me hope for my community and the future, and hopefully things will continue to become better for everyone.

As part of commemoration of his life, one of my new favorite stores, Ashley Stewart with the wonderful help and talent of my best friend, Nicholas Juzdan, has created a video to express the importance of MLK to the world.  It’s a very inspirational and powerful video, so I strongly urge you all to watch it here.

On a side note, for those of you who are into entertainment, Nick is a premier male Big & Tall Producer and Blogger, and I would love for you all to check out his work as well.  You can visit his site here!  Trust and believe you will NOT be disappointed.

Thank you all for reading, and as always feel free to like, subscribe, share and comment.  Until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


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