Episode XVIII: Yasss ASOS, Come Thru!- Inclusion for Plus Size and Tall Men

Hello and good evening, everyone!  I hope your all having a peaceful and productive work week/ start to the semester.  I am practically bubbling with excitement because one of my all time favourite stores, ASOS, has become more inclusive by adding plus size and tall sizes for men.  I’m completely in love with their Curve clothing, and I own several pieces of clothing from this store.  Seeing that it’s wonderful to see how extensive their Curve section makes me even more excited for what’s on the horizon for the plus size and tall additions to the men’s line.

First and foremost, I would like to start off with saying that I feel like the plus size movement needs to be more inclusive for the plus size, tall and big & tall male population.  The movement has absolutely made great strides in promoting body positivity, style and slayage for plus size women.  However, our counterparts deserve to have the same recognition, inclusion and ever-growing options just like us.  Thankfully with stores like JC Penney, Casual Men and ASOS, men that run the complete spectrum of sizes can now start to see more and more of a selection for clothing.

After perusing the site and all the good stuff for these new size additions, I have accomplished two things.  One: finding my future baby daddies and Two: making some poppin’ ass outfits so that y’all can slay and serve, hunny.  Polyvore is truly a gift from above, and now that I’ve added the Clipper Tool extension to my Google Chrome, I have been clipping away at all the nice outfits.  Without further ado, here are my picks for both Plus and Tall.

*I have put the link to the sets under each photo.  On the actual Polyvore pages of these sets you can click the pictures of each item, and it will bring you to the direct link of that particular piece.

Set Uno: Cubical Cutie (ASOS Plus)

I just want to set everything off by saying that, I honestly want to shop some pieces from the ASOS Men’s collection.  I think that they have the cutest shirts, shoes and accessories, and I totally would rock some of these items.  I appreciate that European fashion doesn’t really subscribe to the hypermasculinity bullshit, and they incorporate things into men’s fashion such as bright colours, prints, etc.  I paired this purple, floral button-up with black, cuffed chinos and some Clarke Kent-esque glasses.  I also decided to finish it up with the navy suede boot to give it a nice pop of texture.  You will totally be the talk of the office with this one.  Trust and believe.




Set Dos: Office Eye Candy (ASOS Tall)

I honestly don’t know if Raphael Saadiq called me up on the phone and told me to make this set or what, but I will say that this set is giving me all sorts of Saadiq/ Eddie Ruffin vibes.  I honestly could NOT say no to this electric blue suit.  It was very vintage, so I just had to do it.  I also paired with a black button-up in order for the suit to remain the star of the show.  Tying it all together with a velvet, white bowtie (fyi I wasn’t trying to be punny here and also the velvet is here for texture) and a classic black oxford, get ready to stomp your way to the time clock and show every one that you’re ready to WERK!



Set Tres: Actively Active (ASOS Plus)

Y’all know this post wouldn’t be me without some sort of urban-ass, Against All Odds-inspired ass outfits.  If you didn’t know by now, I have a thing for the whole jogger and bomber look, and on top of that over the past year I’ve developed a slight fetish for baseball caps.  This outfit is everything that Tomboy Cheyenne ever wanted.  Army green, for this Fall/Winter season, is the new black, so I put a bomber jacket in that colour to be the main component of this set.  To keep it in the Earth tones (and mind you, as a Virgo, these colours always seem to soothe my anxieties) I put a camel-coloured baseball cap and beige joggers that are complimented by a basic, black tee and black and white Adidas.  Whether you’re running around or running from your fans, just know that you’ll be aesthetically ready to take on the world.



Set Quatro: Slammin’ Salmon

I know I shouldn’t be telling y’all this, but I want to spill the tea on my torrid love affair with this set.  Between me and y’all, I just might have to give in and get this sweater for myself.  I think salmon is such a nice colour, especially now being that we are soon going to be transitioning into spring fashions.  To give the outfit some edginess, I added the ripped up jeans and my coveted double soles.  Instead of doing another baseball cap, which honestly I initially was very tempted to do so, I decided to go with a bandana just to switch it up.  Go ‘head and serve Kid Kudi and Frank Ocean teas, boo!



I cannot express to you all how important this is for fashion.  Options are already limited enough for the plus size population, and with ASOS taking a MAJOR step to become more inclusive, I think that we are starting to make better and more impactful strides in this movement.  If you would like to know more about the ASOS Tall and Plus launch, check out the article here.  If you have any feedback, comments, or questions, never hesitate to post under the post or even email me at Thecheyennehour@aol.com .  As always, it’s a pleasure to have you all here.  Tootles until next time!

~Cheyenne Out.


4 thoughts on “Episode XVIII: Yasss ASOS, Come Thru!- Inclusion for Plus Size and Tall Men

  1. That’s amazing! I’ve been waiting for that to finally become a thing for men’s fashion (did they make a petite section though? for small guys). Having a boyfriend who is 1,93m, I know how hard it is to find anything that fits perfectly. These new sections are definitely gonna make many guys happy 🙂


  2. AWESOME!!!

    On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 9:45 AM, The Cheyenne Hour wrote:

    > cmd1994 posted: “Hello and good evening, everyone! I hope your all having > a peaceful and productive work week/ start to the semester. I am > practically bubbling with excitement because one of my all time favourite > stores, ASOS, has become more inclusive by adding plus si” >

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