Sur Moi

I’m Cheyenne, a 22-going-on-23 year-old college junior studying Psychology and French at a university in New Jersey.  Ever since childhood I have been avidly reading, writing and traveling.  Cooking, fashion, makeup and DIY crafts such as sewing and knitting are activities that I have developed as I progressed further into adulthood, but I still have a great love for these hobbies as well.

I decided to create The Cheyenne Hour  because I was fed up with the politics that surround being plus sized and our fashion, but at the same time, I was equally fed up with being moaning and groaning about said politics without offering a solution.  That being said, this blog was born, geared to uplift, unite and inspire plus size people and people in general by means of my insight, humor and other facets that are interweaved into this blog.   This is my space of catharsis and encouragement.  Seeing my viewers enjoy a post or like a post gives me hope for the future and it shows me that I at least touched someone’s life in some way, shape or form. I hope to continue to be some sort of an inspiration through this blog and beyond!


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